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Ages 5 - 12 Years AND Infant room (6 weeks+) | 2970 Grenway Rd. Dover PA - ph: 717-764-6309
Unit one at Weigelstown Child Care

Our Buildings

Our buildings were exclusively designed in 1989, 1992, and 1996 to provide quality child care. We constantly update and maintain our facilities so children can grow and learn in a safe, clean, bright environment. We use non-toxic cleaning products to sanitize the buildings daily. Our locked facilities may only be accessed through security door cards, which parents receive when they enroll their child. Security cameras are inside the building as an extra safety precaution.

Infant Program

We have added an Infant room to each of our Unit 1 and Unit 2 Buildings. We care for Infants 6 weeks through 12 months with a 1:4 Ratio in our Unit 1 building, and Infants 6 weeks through 12 months with a 1:4 Ratio in our Unit 2 building. Please note our Infant openings are for full time care only, and hours for this age (6 weeks to 12 months) are 7:00AM-5:15 PM. Please contact our Center Directors for more information and to schedule a tour for our Infant room.

Infant day care


Funshine Express meets State & National Standards. Weekly themes include art, circle, and group activities. Our curriculum includes colors, shapes, numbers, alphabet, sign language, Spanish, seasons & holidays. We do utilize technology in our program. We provide a good balance of structured activities in the morning and free play in the afternoon. Self help skills, such as putting on a coat, tying shoes, and potty training are taught. Potty training is built right into our schedule several times during the day to establish consistency—we encourage the children to try to use the potty. Parents can see how their child’s day was by speaking with a teacher, and/or by viewing the daily checklist in the class circle area. It describes meals, disposition, potty, nap, and behavior.

Unit two at Weigelstown Child Care

Experienced Quality Staff

We are a family owned and operated center, and have been in business since May 15, 1989! Our total staff of 28 have 235 years combined experience working at WCC, LLC. Our management staff consists of 9 Directors and Supervisors. The average length an employee has been with us is over 8 years! Many have degrees in Early Childhood or Elementary Education. We meet all staff ratios and training's per state regulations. Our dedicated, nurturing staff are a big part of the welcoming WCC family-friendly atmosphere. We all take great pride in being a part of your child’s first teachers, first friends, and first “school” experience. We have had some “WCC Alumni” work here as adults, while others have even brought their own children here!

It amazes me everyday what our daughters learn at WCC that we just don’t realize. Just the other day our 4 year old was randomly reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. She also told me how many hearts a worm has! She was very shy when she started 2 ½ years ago. The staff at Weigelstown have helped her come out of her shell and feel more confident to enter into new situations. All the teachers have been wonderful and caring. Both girls love going to school. It is a comfort when you have to work, to know you children are being well cared for, and that they are happy to be there. It takes some of the guilt away being a working Mom! ~ B & C. Schmoyer

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